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Non Aligneds Meeting to Prioritize Crisis

This meeting will arrange the agenda for the 15th NAM Summit Egypt will host from June 11 to July 16. Read More

New record figure for arrival of visitors in Cuba during nation’s high tourist season

The arrival of 809,937 visitors to Cuba during the first quarter of this year, set a new record figure for the Caribbean nation’s high tourist season. Read More

Cuba with more than 48 medals in 10 sports at III ALBA Games

So far, the main Cuban team is first, followed by Venezuela and the island's second group. Read More

Signed the Declaration of Port of Spain without complete approval

The Declaration did not have complete approval since some countries had reservations, but got the consensus for Prime Minister Patrick Manning to sign in his capacity as Chairman of the Summit.<br /> Read More

The Secret Summit: Reflections by Fidel Castro

A Secret Summit is worse than a silent movie. For a few minutes the television showed some images. Read More

Young people prevail in the nominees of Cubadisco 2009

The nominees to the important award were announced in a ceremony that took place last Wednesday at Riviera Hotel. Read More

The V Summit is coming to its end.

Today in the final day, all 34 leaders will hold a retreat at the Diplomatic Center. That will be followed by the closing ceremony, a signing of the Declaration of Port-of-Spain, and a final press conference at the center. Read More

Click Mexicana Airlines interested in Congress Tourism in Cuba

The airline Click Mexicana will expand operations to congress tourism in Cuba to meet the growing demand from Mexican clients. Read More

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