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Charlie Rose talks about visiting Cuba with Diplo

CBS News' Charlie Rose went to Cuba to see Diplo and discuss this historic opportunity. Read More

Major Lazer shares with Cuban Djs in Havana

Members of the American band of electro house Major Lazer, DJ Diplo and Walshy Fire, who are in Cuba since yesterday morning, exchanged today with Cuban Djs in the Ludwig Foundation in Havana. Read More

US Secretary of States John Kerry cancels trip to Cuba over human rights concerns

Secretary of State John Kerry won't head to Havana ahead of President Obama's trip to Cuba later this month. Read More

Barack Obama: first US president to visit Cuba in over eight decades

President Barack Obama will start an official visit to Cuba on March 21 and 22, the first visit by a US president in over eight decades and following the reestablishment of bilateral diplomatic relations on July 20, 2015. Read More

The Rolling Stones to perform in Cuba

The Cuban Music Institute and the Rolling's staff announced that they are holding talks to work out organizational details for a concert to be held in Havana in late March Read More

John Kerry announces that he could travel to Cuba before Obama

US Secretary of State John Kerry said today that he may travel in the coming weeks to Cuba to maintain a dialogue on human rights. Read More

Press Release by the White House on Visit to Cuba

Up next, we bring you the statement published by the Office of the Press Secretary of the White House on President Barack Obama’s Travel to Cuba and Argentina in March Read More

Thawing relations: Obama to visit Cuba

Barack Obama is set to become the first visit President in 90 years to visit Cuba in March Read More

Obama talks about his trip to Cuba

Last Saturday President Barack Obama dedicated his weekly message to the historic trip to Cuba announced this week for next March 21st. Read More

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