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Wilfredo Lam painted the jungle in wrapping paper

The greatest human genius paradoxically have always lived and died in the abject poverty. Cuba is not an exception regarding this. That is the case of one of the transcendental painters of the island although with an Oriental surname, Wilfredo Lam. Read More

A mythological being, the first Cuban woman with driving license

By the name of Maria Calvo Nodarse was issued the first driving license issued to a woman in Havana at the beginning of the last century. Read More

Esteban Salas: father of the sacred music in Cuba

Esteban Salas is considered the starting point for the practice of the sacred music in Cuba. The Cuban religious music before him was only reduced to literal reproductions of the canticles of books from other regions. The work of Salas originated a discipline unknown in Cuba those days. Read More

Josephine Baker: a great a friend of Cuba

With her spectacular dance of the bananas, she became the Queen of Paris nightlife. In 1950, when Josephine Baker, the celebrated African-American artist, first visited Cuba, she was denied lodging at the National Hotel because of the color of her skin. Read More

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