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Cuban Doctors in Peru Praised

The work of the Cuban medical brigade in the city of Pisco, south of Peru, received different samples of great recognition after three months work. Read More

President of New York Casa de Las Americas Passed away

Luis Miranda, long-time president of the New York-based Casa de Las Americas and a renowned fighter in defense of the Cuban Revolution died in that US city this week. Read More

Cuba Vice President Stresses Lower Energy Consumption

He checked the state of works at the oil refinery Camilo Cienfuegos, investment by a Cuba-Venezuela joint venture which will begin processing 65 thousand barrels per day in the first stage by the end of next December. Read More

Fidel Castro warns of threats against mankind

Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned on Sunday that political underdevelopment as well as limitless and irrational techonological creations in the world today are putting mankind's survival at risk. Read More

A collection of notes by Ernest Hemingway have been discovered in Cuba

A collection of notes by Ernest Hemingway have been discovered in a Cuban house where the US author spent more than 20 years of his life, according to Cuban media Saturday. Read More

Hemingways legacy subject of international conference in Cuba

Scholars and researchers on Hemingway from different countries, including the United States, Britain and Argentina are meeting this Friday, June 22 in Cuba to discuss the writer, who established a lasting impact in literature, PL reported.<br /> Read More

Automobile from Paris to Havana

ose Muñoz drove the first automobile that came and traveled all over the streets of Cuba in December, 1898 he spent in Paris the years of the Hispanic-Cuban war. There he had witnessed the growth of this new means of transport and thought to make a good business with their sale in the island. Read More

History of the Cuban aviation

At the beginning, there were some first failed attempts. However, on January 2, 1912 this country would have its first aviator Agustín Parlá Orduña who after some months later could be called pilot when he was graduated in the Curtis School in Miami, Florida. Then, the following pilot was Domingo Rosillo del Toro, who was graduated in Paris, in October of that same year. Read More

First transatlantic flight Sevilla-Camaguey

Captain Mariano Barberan and Lieutenant Joaquin Collar were the pilots of the Cuatro Vientos spacecraft. They traveled 4533 miles over the Atlantic Ocean, throughout it widest part on board of that large Hispano-Swiss Breguet of 850 HP. Read More

The first Cuban pirate, favorite of the English Crown

The Cuban archipelago was a strategic location for the pirate action. However, not only Cuba was victim of the vandalism of those foreigners that used to plunder the wealth of this young Spanish colony. This land also had its own killers. Diego Grillo was the first pirate to be born in this island who was very well known worldwid Read More

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