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Fidel Castro congratulated Telesur on its tenth anniversary

Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, sent a letter to the multi-state television channel Telesur on its tenth anniversary in which he confesses he is a constant viewer of the channel, an initiative embraced by Hugo Chavez to "promote Latin American integration". Read More

Raul Castro once again calls on Obama to lift the embargo

Last Wednesday, Raul Castro asked his US counterpart Barack Obama to continue using executive orders to "dismantle" aspects of the economic embargo, the main stumbling block in the "normalization" of relations between the two countries. Read More

Raul Castro: Pope Francis emanates "worldwide admiration"

Cuban President Raul Castro today highlighted the "global admiration" that Pope Francis emanates by his preaching in favor of "peace and equity, poverty eradication and environmental protection." Read More

Film about Carlos Varela at the Grammy Museum

The independent film festival in Los Angeles, Downtown Film Festival will screen a documentary on Cuban musician Carlos Varela at the Grammy Museum on July 25. Read More

Raul Castro´s biography written by Russian Nikolai Leonov is presented in Cuba

The biography of the president of Cuba, Raul Castro, written by his Russian friend Nikolai Leonov was presented on Tuesday in Havana during a special session of parliament in the Caribbean country. Read More

Coppola, who is visiting Cuba, is "happy" about the rapprochement with US

US filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, who is visiting Cuba, said on Tuesday that he was "happy" for the new stage in relations between Cuba and the United States, which will resume diplomatic ties on July 20 after more than half century of enmity. Read More

Olga Tañón flies to Havana!

"Back to CUBA after six years of Paz Sin Fronteras! In the name of God! Many emotions in my heart. I’m happy!" wrote Olga Tañón a few minutes ago in her official Facebook account. Read More

Raul Castro sent a letter to Alexis Tsipras: I extend sincere congratulations

Dear Prime Minister: I extend sincere congratulations on the victory of NO in the referendum held in Greece on July 5, 2015. Read More

Angola receives the Cuban Five

Under an avalanche of emotions, the Cubans antiterrorist arrived today in Angola, where friendship and solidarity grew up in the long road to support their just cause. Read More

Fidel Castro congratulates Tsipras on the "brilliant political victory"

I congratulate you warmly on your brilliant political victory; I followed details closely by the Telesur channel. Read More

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