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Medical Students

By: Julio Martínez Molina

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) is consolidated in this province, where nearly 700 Latin American students are doing their degrees in Medical Sciences, with a program which links them to the community, while living with the families of the region.

There are also hundreds of students in the first Latin American School of Medicine in Horquita, the Felix Eden Aguada School, and in other centers of this type, recently opened and also located in this agricultural region.

After the arrival of more than 300 students from Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia and Bolivia to this second Latin American School of Medicine, named Federico Fernandez Cavada, the number of Latin American students who are being trained here is over a thousand.

They are all being educated with a program which links teaching with practice because they can consolidate what they learn with the subject of Morpho-physiology in the Horquita settlement.

With the graduation, last summer, of 151 new doctors and 273 professionals of other specialities related to Medicine, the Raul Dorticos Faculty of Medical Sciences, in Cienfuegos, has graduated a total of 4,705 students in the twenty five years that it has been open. From this number, 472 students come from 37 countries of the world.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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