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Longevity Symbol
Elpidio Ramirez Londres, a Guantanamo resident is still vital at 106, age he reached today in control of mind and body, walks without support and talks coherently, reported the local media.

Elpidio can even remember events that occurred at the beginning of the last century.

Born in 1900 in Veguita del Sur, located in his native Guantanamo near La Farola, famous mountain in that eastern province, Elpidio lived and worked in several places in Guantanamo and the province of Ciego de Avila, in the central region of the island.

Since 1989, he has lived in the City of Guantanamo, Street 15 South, between 5 and 6 west. Elpidio has outlived the tradition that those born with the century are to live for one hundred years.

This example of longevity believes his long life is due to a healthy countryside environment, work (he worked at a lumbermill for 40 years), the love which has always surrounded him and a small dosis of rum once in a while, to which he hasn't renounced.

He asks vegetarians to forgive him, as although he likes salads and fruit, his favorite breakfast consists of chick peas, banana and meat. Also true is that his appetite has aminorated.

That lifestyle allowed him to achieve the rare privilege of linking three centuries (the end of the 19th, all of the 20th and the current 21st century).

He thanks the Chinese race for his resistance and decided against having a party for his 106th birthday because of a recent granddaughter's death.

Source: Prensa Latina

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