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Infant mortality
Cuba registered the lowest infant mortality rate in Latin America with 5.3 deaths for every 1000 live births in 2006, only surpassed on the continent by Canada, local dailies revealed on Wednesday.

Granma daily quoted sources from the National Statistics Department of the Public Health Ministry as saying that the Caribbean country reached its lowest mortality rate in under one-year old children in history, and was among the 30 world nations with best results.

Infant mortality rate was below the national average in nine Cuban territories, thus showing the fairness of the Cuban health system.

Those provinces included the eastern Holguin (3,8), Camaguey (4,3), Granma (4,4), Las Tunas (4,7) and Guantanamo (4,8), Matanzas (4,4), Villa Clara (4,6), Havana City (4,9) and Pinar del Río (5,0), in the center and western part of Cuba.

Source: Prensa Latina

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