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Electrocuted a young ETECSA lineman in Pinar del Río

A young ETECSA lineman, who was identified as Yasiel Gómez Madera, died electrocuted in Pinar del Río. Read More

This is the precarious boat in which 5 Cubans managed to get to Miami

The five Cubans who arrived on the beaches of Miami and escaped from the authorities, arrived in a rustic boat through the Straits of Florida. Read More

Cuban stranded on the US border: "Many of those who came with us were raped by their women in the jungle"

Darío (fictitious name) is Cuban and is waiting to be interviewed by the immigration authorities of the United States. He arrived in Mexico after going through Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. He crossed the Darien jungle and does not recommend it. Read More

Cuba exported food worth 213 million dollars in 2018

The Cuban government exported food worth 213 million dollars last year, a figure well below what is needed to lift the battered economy of the country. Read More

Cuba says it is willing to negotiate with claimants of nationalized properties but puts conditions

The Cuban government said it is willing to negotiate an agreement to compensate claimants for properties that were expropriated after the Cuban Revolution. Read More