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April 17th

Cubans hungry for internet revolution on the Communist island

Cubans are impatient for freer access to the internet, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from Havana Read More

April 16th

Cuba investigates 3 Ghanaian students

We have suffered for too long under the name of government scholarship. This situation, besides making living and learning in Cuba hard for us, is also having a negative impact on the image the Ghanaian people have about scholarship students. Read More

Cuba starts making money from its support for medical R&D

Cuba’s long-term investment in medical research is starting to pay off economically, with the communist nation poised to sell products and drugs around the world, said Salvador Moncada, a consultant with the Pan American Health Organization, a regional office of the WHO. Read More

Cuba Has Roughly 16,500 AIDS Patients, Government Says

The number of people in Cuba with HIV/AIDS currently stands at 16,479, according to figures published Monday in the official weekly Trabajadores Read More

Interest Grows in Cuban Mariel Special Development Zone

The Mariel Special Develoment Zone (ZEDM), considered essential to boost economic development in Cuba, awakens increasing interest among foreign businesspeople Read More

April 15th

WSB: USA 2-3 Cuba: Domadores are the last to join the semis

Compared to their 5-0 victory last week in Havana, the Cuba Domadores had a slightly more complicated night at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. With a 8-2 score on aggregate, they join the World Series of Boxing (WSB) Season IV semi-finals where they will face the Russian Boxing Team Read More

Ecuador Reopens Door to Cubans

A year after establishing strict regulations applicable to Cubans wishing to travel to Ecuador, Rafael Correa’s government has decided to eliminate the letter of invitation hitherto required of visitors from the island Read More

Cuban Movie Wins Award in New York

The Cuban film Conducta (Behavior) by Ernesto Daranas won the Best Film Award at the 15th Havana Film Festival of New York, in which Cuban and Mexican productions received the most prizes Read More

April 13th

U.S. government contractor jailed in Cuba ends hunger strike

A U.S. contractor imprisoned in Cuba ended a hunger strike on Friday after eight days of protesting his treatment by the Cuban and U.S. governments while serving a 15-year term for illegally attempting to establish Internet service on the island Read More

French minister in Cuba as Europe seeks opening

A French foreign minister visited Cuba for the first time in more than 30 years Saturday, traveling to the communist-run nation at a time when it is seeking to attract more foreign investment and improve ties with the European Union Read More