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Reflections about private business in Cuba

Due to the increased flexibility that have occurred in the Cuban economy in recent years, it is useful to visualize, understand and delve into some details about the expansion of private businesses emerging in the country. In interview with Juan Triana, Professor at the University of Havana we try an approach to the subject. Read More

There are 21 600 cases of HIV since 1986 in Cuba

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in 1986, in Cuba there have been about 21,600 cases, said Wednesday the government. The data were provided by the Head of Department of Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI / AIDS) Ministry of Health (MINSAP), Maria Isela Lantero. Read More

Artists from Cuba and the United States work together in Cienfuegos

Artists from Cuba and the United States make up the nongovernmental and nonprofit US Cuba Artist Exchange organization to promote collaborative programs of art and cultural exchange between the two nations. Read More

There are now eight Cuban athletes who have leaved in Veracruz

Four Cuban fighters escaped from the Central American and Caribbean Games held in Veracruz, Mexican media reported. A source at the Central American and Caribbean Organization (Odecabe) confirmed that wrestlers were not presented at the competition scheduled for Tuesday. Read More

The flights to Cuba are an important source of money for the country

Cuba has a million dollar business with charter flights traveling to the island from the United States, the government of the island charges $ 24,000 for landing rights in Cuba. For this concept charges between $ 31 and $ 62 million are charge, more than any other country. Read More

Shooting occurs in Havana bus

At least four people were arrested in Havana after shots occur against a bus travelers the P11 route. The events were on the afternoon of Tuesday, in Alamar, when the bus made an unofficial stop. Read More

Descemer Bueno apologizes to Cuban Americans in Miami

Descemer Bueno, Cuban singer, apologized to the Cuban community in Miami for having described the US embargo on Cuba as a whim. Read More

Cuba got gold medal in high jump

Cuban Sergio Mestre, 23 years old, reached today's high jump title across the rod about two meters and 26 centimeters, on his third attempt, and overcome the Venezuelan Eure Yanez and Bahamian Ingrahan Ryan, who jumped two 24 and took second and third place. Read More

French Foreign Minister met with Mariela Castro

Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, received today in Paris to the director of the National Center for Sex Education of Cuba (CENESEX), Mariela Castro Espín. Read More

Cuba returns to second place in Veracruz medal board

Mexico returned to the top of the medal board in Central American and Caribbean Games after match and surpass Cuba yesterday, with the conquest of 12 new gold medals thus raising the total to 89, making a difference of 7 compared toCuba, which ranks second. Read More