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Daring skyscraper climber eyes iconic Havana hotel

The daredevil climber nicknamed "Spider-Man" is famous for scaling the world's tallest skyscrapers without a safety line. Read More

The Paradoxes of Cuban Immigration

The opening of Cuba immigration policy could be a mortal blow to the Cuban Adjustment Act, the US law that grants residency to all Cubans who step onto American soil, under the assumption that they fled communism. Read More

Gentrification in Cuba? The Contradictions of Old Havana

Strolling down the narrow boutique-lined streets on a recent Saturday afternoon, admiring the stunningly refurbished colonial facades and elbowing streams of tourists, we could have been in Soho or any other upscale urban shopping district—but for the colorful laundry hanging from upper-story balconies and the kids of all skin tones racing through the central plaza. Read More