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Mariela Castro, Raul Castro's daughter get a visa to go to the U.S. Congress

In Washington, the State Department would not confirm nor deny the visa because these are sensitive issues, according to U.S. law. Read More

University of Louisville Cardinal Singers at the first U.S./Cuba Summit on Choral Music in Havana

<br /> The summit will be a cross-cultural exchange of U.S. and Cuban composers, directors and students that is intended to showcase the distinct choral music styles of Cuban tradition and American genres. Read More

Debates on Natural Disasters and Neglected Diseases at the Tropico 2012 Convention

With an accummulated experience in mitigating the effects of weather phenomena such as hurricanes, Cuban experts will present the results of research works during the event Read More

Ten prominent New York City chefs are teaming up this week with 10 culinary entrepreneurs from Havana’s budding private restaurant scene

It’s a performance art spectacle that’s about bridging the gap between estranged neighbors and socioeconomic classes. Read More

U.S. Treasury Department has tightened restrictions on trips to Cuba

A statement from the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), had warned last March that the White House would retaliate against any attempt to make tourism under the U.S.-Cuba travel policy Read More

William Levy Sambas to Perfection

Monday night on “Dancing With the Stars,” William Levy got a perfect score in one of the routines and having all the judges complement both his smooth moves and his toned physique. Read More

Havana Pharmacy Museum to Exhibit Collection of old balances from drugstore La Reunión

A collection of balances, belonging to the Pharmacy of Havana, old drugstore La Reunion will open next Friday as part of the celebrations in Cuba for the International Day of Museums. Read More

Mariela Castro daughter of Cuba's Raul Castro says he supports gay rights

Cuban President Raul Castro backs greater gay rights and ending discrimination against homosexuals, his daughter Mariela, a famed sexologist, said Saturday during a colorful gay rights march in Havana Read More