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The head of state of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, decorated Cuban President Raul Castro and the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro for their assistance to the children victims of the 1986 nuclear accident in Chernobyl.

Granma newspaper reports that, according to a press communiqué from the Ukrainian President’s Office, Yanukovich awarded Fidel the ‘Order of Merit’ in its first degree while Raul received the ‘Yaroslav the Wise Order’ , also in its first degree, “for their important contribution to the health recovery of Chernobyl’s children.”

Likewise, the Cuban Public Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer Cabrera was granted the ‘Yaroslav the Wise Order’ in its fifth degree.

Some 23,000 Ukrainian children have received medical attention in a rehabilitation center located in Tarará, Havana.

The Ukrainian head of state thus expressed his deep gratitude to the Cuban authorities for their “enormous help” to help

Ukraine overcome the consequences of one of the worst nuclear accidents ever.

Source: ACN

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