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Cuba boasts favorable results in pediatric surgery, as well high-level professionals who perform it despite economic difficulties and the US blockade, an expert said.

Fernando Echevarria, who is a member of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Ibero-American Congress on Pediatric Surgery inaugurated in Havana, highlighted the development achieved in this field in the last few years.

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Echevarria explained that Cuba has 21 such health care services equipped with the needed technology and human resources to perform any type of surgery in children.

He cited the example of the surgical technique of famous US expert Alberto Pena to treat anorectal malformations, established more than ten years ago and introduced in the Island later.

Our country has developed this type of surgery since then. It is now part of our physicians' daily work, said Echevarria.

In fact, Professor Pena, who is attending the Congress, performed three complex surgeries to Cuban children under one year of age with three types of anomalies, he added.

He also noted that the country is taking its first steps to start a new line of work like fetal surgery, a complex, expensive field still very new in the world, but a future program is being prepared.

The Congress, in session through this Friday at the Havana-based Conference Center, is attended by 200 experts from 27 countries worldwide.
Source: PL

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