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Cuba develops regional centers for neonatal surgery, and introduces the videoendoscopy service nationwide, to meet the needs of the population, an expert affirmed here.

Rafael Trinchet, president of the Cuban Pediatric Surgery Society and the Ibero-American Association, told Prensa Latina these are the main challenges of this medical specialty, along with improvement of a large information technology project for pediatric surgery services.

Regionalization is a complex but necessary system, because congenital malformations are the main case of children's death in Cuba, he added.

A center with remarkable results is already functioning in the country's east, where 16 newborns with serious afflictions have undergone surgery.

The expert also highlighted an enquiry was recently conducted nationwide to detect minors with malformations, and determine solutions for each case.

In the framework of the Pediatric Surgery Congress, the presidents of the Ibero-American Societies of Pediatric Surgery also analyzed the issue in the region, and finding strategies to offer better service.

Source: PL

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