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The World Down Syndrome Day was marked in Vueltabajo by the members of Grabadown Workshop House, a celebration where the magic of costumes and the joy of the faces inspired in other characters, reflected the achievements of eight years of work.

"With love and hope" is the cultural project sponsored by a group of parents in order to give their children a space to develop their skills, their free time and life quality.

Through this initiative that has become the most important space for each and every of them, they have interacted with other people from different regions and the very province of Pinar del Rio and learned some engraving techniques, expressed Jesús Carrete, main coordinator, father and painter.

"It has given them hope and confidence, since feel like artists and open themselves to the outer world far from the family framework, being recognized and respected by the society, and that has been achieved little by little", said Yamilay Rios, Alejandrito's mother.

"The Project has grown up in regard to workshops, quality, in practical encounters, in both the artistic and behaviour dynamic. In these moments besides the engraving workshop we have the initiation project, that is to say the new members. We have also added handicrafts, drawing and also writing, since it is a need of the workshop members", states Coralina, promoter of the project.

Princesses, gipsies, an ancient knight, Yoanet the ballerina, Perez the Mouse and Martina the cockroach, a witch, Javier the policeman, an imitation to singer Polo Montañez, Batman and Spiderman, the Zorro, Laurita the rocker, a rancho mexicano singer, clowns Boris Damaris and David, Ivan the baseball player; all of them under the command of the gangster and his wife (Jesus and Coralina), make of every morning a new light with love and hope.

by Mónica Brizuela Chirino and Fátima Rivera Amador

Source: Guerrillero

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