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arte neyra

 The exhibition “La memoria encofrada” by Cuban painter and sculptor Julio Neira Milián, from the island’s central province of Sancti Spiritus, was inaugurated on Friday in Havana’s Arte Galiano art gallery, according to AIN.

At least 20 works will be presented in the exhibition.

The exhibition, made up of some twenty works produced since 2006, includes some of the artist’s creations during his stay in Germany.

Sancti Spiritus’s local radio station Radio Vitral said Neira’s works, based on for-construction casts, represent our Cuban and insular condition as well as the artist’s environment and loneliness, the latter considered as a gratifying element for him.

The artist informed that Marilín Sampera, expert from Havana’s Visual Arts Development Center, is working with him as curator in this exhibition.

After his first exhibition “Primeros vientos” was presented in the University of Havana in 1991, Neira has participated in a great many personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and other countries like Italy, Germany, Spain and Argentina.

His website specifies that he has also illustrated some books by local and foreign writers and some of his sculptures and murals are displayed in different areas and tourism institutions in Sancti Spiritus.

Source: Escambray

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