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haiti asistencia medica
Cuba’s medical brigade currently in Haiti has expanded their assistance on the outskirts of Port Au Prince aiding those displaced by the strong earthquake that hit that Caribbean nation.

According to the head of the Cuban medical brigade, Carlos Alberto Garcia, the technical materials and personnel working in two local health centres will be transferred to other parts of the city.

Both centers, which are located in the country’s southwest already have the presence of Cuban medical personnel there who are currently revising the conditions of the buildings to reopen them as community hospitals.

Dr. Garcia stressed that “these are not only for emergency cases but will remain afterwards to continue offering medical assistance to the Haitian population”.

The installations have been working as health centers but with very basic conditions, without doctors, equipment, water and electricity among other important materials.

According to the head of the brigade, the hospitals will not only have Cuban medical personnel but also students from the Latin American School of Medicine, who arrived as part of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade and who will remain in Haiti beyond the emergency situation.
Source: RHC

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