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The second international group of physicians trained at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba are putting Sunday the final touches in their camp at the Haitian locality of Leoganne, to start assisting people on February 15.

  The group of 50 doctors, from a contingent of 206 health professionals that graduated from the ELAM and will travel to Haiti, arrived in this capital to start immediately assisting people in Leoganne. However, their initial task was to equip
the camp.

To pitch tents, dig ditches to get rid of the waste and for sanitation and establish internal working rules have been some of their jobs in the first days, in which Haitian residents in the area have cooperated.

Although medical activities will start on Monday, Doctor Bara Aliou, from Mali, underwent his baptism of fire in the Leoganne field hospital, where he went to say hello to his colleagues after concluding works to fit out the camp.

The working strategy of this group is aimed at primary assistance to the population in Leoganne, about 13.7 miles southeast from the capital.

In groups of three or four physicians, they will determine data, number and location of pregnant women, children per ages, hypertension people, and order the relevant treatments.

The Cuban medical mission in Haiti is comprised of more than 1,000 collaborators, including 400 Haitian physicians, also trained at the ELAM.

Source: PL

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