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A new contingent grouping doctors graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM) left for Haiti very early Thursday, to support tasks there by Cuban specialists.

When the group was presented with the flag, the young doctors from 24 countries once again thanked leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, main promoter of the project, example of integration among nations.

Public Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer recalled ELAM foundation in 1999, which have graduated over 7,000 doctors.

He also referred to development of the Henry Reeve Brigade, which is able to immediately activate its over 1,000 specialists to provide aid in any place.

They have made history in such countries as Pakistan, Indonesia, Bolivia, Peru and Salvador, and are examples of professionalism saving lives in very hard conditions, stressed Balaguer.

The minister insisted on the need to prepare a health system in Haiti that responds to people's needs. "All we do will be to consolidate that system," the Cuban Health Minister concluded.

Source: PL

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