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UNESCO's Cuban National Commission and the Memory of the World National Committee have included in one of its programs all the materials making up the expedition "From the Amazons to the Caribbean by Canoe."

The official announcement of this UN organization of inserting them in the Regional Memory will take place on Friday at Havana's Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Man.

Miguel Ernesto Labori, a Public Relations official with that nongovernmental institution, told ACN that we are talking about the documentation compiled and filed during the aforementioned voyage, which includes black and white pictures, hundreds of video cassettes, texts, letters, books and maps.

Promoted by Nuñez Jimenez, the expedition From the Amazons to the Caribbean by Canoe is a real odyssey carried out in 1987, which had as a starting point, a project presented during the Special Meeting of the National Commissions of the 5th Centennial of the Discovery-Encounter between the Two Worlds, held in Havana in January, 1986.

Its essential objective consisted in reviving the discoveries of the Caribbean and its islands by the prehistoric tribes of the basins of the Caribbean and the Orinoco, to perform scientific research works in the fields of Nature and Anthropology, and to contribute to the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The expedition began its activities in Quito, the Ecuadorean capital, on February 25, 1987, and toured 17,422 kilometers through 20 countries.

This meant not only the trip by canoe down the waters of Napo, the Amazons, Negro, Guainia, Casiquiare, Atabapo, Temi, the Orinoco and the Caribbean Sea, but also the bordering trips by tributaries, jungles and insular territories.

It lasted one year and has no antecedents in the region, where, geographically speaking, the relationship between the Latin and Caribbean cultures was reedited.

Source: ACN

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