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Cuban medical mission in Haiti set its second field hospital in motion after the earthquake that devastated the poor nation.  

This service is added to the more than 10 hospitals in which Cuban doctors work. The camp was activated in a race against the clock operation on Thursday almost at night, in areas of Saint Michele hospital, located in the southern city of Jacmel, where the presence of strongly armed soldiers from Canada rarefies the atmosphere at the health centre.

Doctor Daniel Loriet, member of the Henry Reeve Brigade with a vast experience in medical missions in Pakistan, Indonesia and Peru, is heading the Cuban field hospital.

The field hospital counts on an operating room and other areas of great demand by the population of Jacmel, which is one of the most affected by the earthquake in the country's southern area.

Only Cuban and Haitian doctors worked at this institution until the earthquake took place. However, representatives of some countries are also working there currently, as a Canadian medical-military group, which claimed that they need a security ring to be able to carry out their functions.

Not few patients avoid being medically assisted by the military doctors, because before getting to them, the potential patients must be checked and approved by armed-to-the-teeth militaries that have even tried to prevent Prensa Latina and other media outlets from accessing the hospital.

The World Health Organization reported on Tuesday that there were 13 hospitals taking care of the victims that survived the disaster.

According to Haitian officials, the number of deaths due to the earthquake could be between 100,000 and 200,000.

Around 75,000 corpses were already buried in common graves.

Source: Prensa Latina

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