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A Cuban plane carrying 60 Haitians studying medicine in Havana left the island Tuesday for Haiti in hopes of helping to treat earthquake victims at home, Cuban television reported.

The students in their final year at the Latin American School of Medicine, which provides free education to 9,000 people from over 50 countries, according to Cuban authorities.

Cuban television said that the plane carried a field hospital to Haiti, which was devastated by the January 19 quake.

Before the quake, which is believed to have claimed up to 200,000 lives in the Caribbean nation, there were already 403 Cuban aid workers in Haiti, mostly doctors and paramedics, while a rescue brigade specializing in natural disasters travelled to the troubled country the day after the quake.

Over the weekend, Cuba sent 8.4 tonnes of aid to Haiti including medicine, medical equipment, food, water and tents.

Cuban authorities estimated that Haiti has 400 Cuban-trained doctors in Haiti.


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