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pan guajaibon
The finding of a pictorial set typical from aboriginal culture in the Pan de Guajaibón, the greatest mountain in the Cuban western region, deepens today the enquiries of speleologists and historians from that well known mountain.

The research team found the manifestations of rural art during a scientific expedition through the mountain, found to the north of this province, and which was inhabited by primitive communities several thousands years ago.

Together with the pictography, the scholars found two new archaeological sites where work instruments were found that had been made with lithium material, explained Pedro Luis Hernández, one of the coordinators of the expedition to Prensa Latina.

Among the discoveries, he added; stand out the majadores and percutores, the typical dressing of the native people, as well as many food remains.

Guajaibón (the highest peak from the Guaniguanico mountain range) with around 700 meters high is crossed with cavern systems that were used as refuge or resting place for the indigenous groups previous to the ceramic and agricultural groups.

The researcher added that the explorations constitutes the first step in a series of research on mountain landscape, belonging to La Palma municipality, which holds evidence of important passages in national history.

He commented that this site was the stage of events related to the fight for freedom from the 19th century by the mambises (Cuban independence fighters) and with other episodes of insular revelry.

When he talked about the motivations for going up, Hernández said that one of his main purposes was to revive the speleological, historical and ethnological inquiries in the region and to improve the physical-geographical information of the massif.

Pan de Guajaibón belongs to the protected area of Mil Cumbres, which is the home of more than a thousand species of flora and around 760 varieties of fauna.

Source: PL

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