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   Cuban Arts, and specially those of Santiago, have just scored a new success when the artist Mearson D. Zafra Pérez won a gold medal in Canada.

Zafra Pérez was given the award at the 26th Sol y Sombra Arts Salon open in Montreal, Canada.

This artist is one of the most prominent art figures in Santiago de Cuba. His creativity and craftsmanship outshone more than three hundred competitors from all over the world.

”Eco”, a medium format work made of mixed media on canvas, was the piece which Mearson presented at the “Sol y Sombra” as part of the traditional art gathering in Montreal.

Another work by Mearson Daniel Zafra, called Primary Elements, has been on exhibition on the second floor of the Casa Oswaldo Guayasamín since last April.

On this occasion the Santiago de Cuba artist, using cultural anthropology, goes back to the man’s origin, taking the Taína mythology as a source, adopting behavioural positions of respect for each region and in this way preserving its world heritage through a cognitive process, says the web site Cubarte.

Now with this gold Medal at the “Sol y Sombra” in Canada, Zafra reaffirms his value as one of the main art figures from the city of Santiago de Cuba and the creative panorama of Cuba.


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