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Cuba started a cooperation program in the cultural field with Suriname with the arrival in that country of three Cuban music professors who are going to teach different courses in the music school of Paramaribo and to the members of the Police and
Army bands of Surinam.

Cuban musicians Manuel de Jesús Palacios, Pedro Humberto Peñalver and Eulogio Humberto Pino were welcomed by Surinam’s Culture Director Stanley who noted that they will contribute to increasing the musical level in his nation.

Cuban ambassador Andres Gonzalez Garrido said with the beginning of the cooperation program friendship bonds between Cuba and Surinam will grow stronger. The two nations signed an agreement in 2007 to broaden cultural relations.

In addition, Cuba offers medical assistance as part of a Comprehensive Health Program and the Operation Miracle free eye-care program through which several people from the South American have been operated upon and they have recovered their sight.

Likewise, in the educational field Cuba is contributing to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, while five Cuban coaches of volleyball, athletics and chess are also providing their services in that country as part of a cooperation program on sports.

Source: ACN

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