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From February 2010, the collections of Soroas orchid garden in Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s  largest area for this kind of flower will increase with a new exposition area dedicated to the Republic of Sri Lanka.

In statements made to the press, the head of Soroa’s botanical garden Luis Enrique Villalón highlighted the work links of the centre with scientists of Sri Lanka and the purposes of planting the national tree and flower of that country by numerous specimens with ornamental value.

The collection will increase to more than 700 floral specimens, among them the 472 Cuban and exotic orchids that have been cultivated.

The donations from Sri Lanka, Colombia and Jamaica will be decisive, the expert said.

At present, Soroa is part of the national network of botanical gardens, with actions in favour of orchids’ protection, which is part of the most numerous split plant family that has around 30 000 specimens however these plants face the threat of being over-collected due to their beauty, thus causing their exhaustion.


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