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The entrance showed a lot of birds singing, it is the natural door for Ambrosio's Cave. Its name was given after the aborigines and the runaway slaves who visited the place before.

 There are many legends about the Cave, together with the fluttering of bats, the jagüey trees' roots, reaching  the roof and forming huge dense green curtains.

 The pictographies show the indigenous world within the cave, pictures with hunters, collectors and fishermen celebrating their religious ceremonies at the Cave.

But, when the slaves began to escape from their masters, the Cave sheltered them, and I am sure many of them left their feelings on these walls as well.

 Similar drawings have been founded in other caves of the insular Caribbean,

 Ambrosio’s cave is the biggest cavity of the Hicacos peninsula, the cave was formed during the quaternary era. The sea tilled its calcareous rock until it reached its present aspect, full of rugged paths.

 A date with previous centuries, during Taínos’ time is expecting for you.  It is a unique experience for those fond of nature and quietness.


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