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The Garabato Award, granted by the International Childhood Forum and its Audio-visual Universe, in the last 31st New Latin American Movie Festival, went to the Magical Tree, by the Polish producer Andrzej Maleszka.

Pablo Ramos, coordinator for the Forum told in an exclusive interview to AIN that the jury that granted this award was made up by children from the Mariano Martí School, in the municipality of Old Havana, who watched all of the 28 movies that made up the exhibition.

This is the third occasion, in which the International Childhood Forum and its Audio-visual Universe grants an award during the Latin American movie festival which takes place in Havana and the second occasion in which the jury is made up by children from the Classrooms-Museums from the Office of the Historian of the City.

The award, one of the collateral prizes handed in during the festival, consisted of a piece of art work made up by the girl Violeta Encarnación Lamas, who is 9 years old.

Violeta is part of the Creativity and Participation Workshop “Dreams, Shapes and Colours”, from the theatre-project Las Carolinas, in the Historical Centre from Old Havana.

The movie lasting 83 minutes, narrates the history where a storm brings down a huge and ancient oak tree, known as the Magical Tree, and the people, who do not know of its power cuts it and makes hundreds of objects.

However, each piece preserves part of the extraordinary magical power of the tree and as they reach the shops, incredible things occur, such as making an old chair dance, fly and fulfil the wishes of those who sit on it.

The chair is found by two children whose parents emigrated, leaving them under the care of their aunt, who they hate, and they start a quest searching for them, while the owner of the shop, wantsto recover the incredible chair at all costs and follows it.

Source: AIN and Cubarte

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