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Sancti Spiritus registers a rate of 3,4 on child mortality rate per 1000 born live, one of the lowest of the country, and lower than the one the province reached last year.

Among the most significant results of the Mother-Child Program (PAMI Spanish acronym) in this territory, there is not occurrence of deaths of children under one year in the municipalities of La Sierpe and Yaguajay, also no mother deaths in the whole province, said Doctor Ania Suárez, adviser of the PAMI in this territory, in the Paediatrics’ branch.

The doctor continued saying that up to now, there have been 5 thousand births, with babies’ good weight,  index shows a rate of 4, 7 for every 100 births, with low weight .

It is the result of work being made by the specialists of the Rooms of Neonatology and Intensive Paediatric of the Hospitals "Camilo Cienfuegos" and "Jose Martí", respectively, those who have assumed the assistance to the children with Respiratory Acute Infections and Diarrhea, with the efficient employment of the new technologies.

Results of the PAMI program has a lot to do with care of the pregnant woman, especially those with obstetric risk, by means of multidisciplinary consultations.          


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