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Robert Kraft, 20th Century Fox’s music president gave keynote lecture last week about music in the cinema at the Hotel National of Cuba.

The awaited lecture scheduled as part of the 31 International Festival of the New Latin America Cinema far exceeded expectations as Kraft not only spoke wisely about the topic but delighted the audience with his charisma and accessibility.

Having participated in more than 300 films and with an Oscar award for Under the sea, the American producer showed in the praxis the importance of music in the films by screening scenes of famous films without the musical support.

Kraft said the main job of a composer when in the film industry is to be able to tell a story through the music and noted that anything can be used to reach that goal either a great orchestra, a rock band or a percussion instrument and a person whistling.

According to his personal opinion, the essence of music in the films are the dramatic power and the sounds conveyed.

He referred to the current world economic crisis and how it affects Hollywood’s big film companies. For Kraft, the economic crisis will lead filmmakers to make more obvious and mediocre films that are nothing more than a big show.

Kraft confessed that his great weapons are his two teenager children keep him updated on the music that young people like to listen to. This is the reason why he has been so successful in using independent rock bands that barely demand 500 dollars to be on a film.

Source: ACN and cubarte

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