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“Aves por la unidad” (Birds for Unity), is the title of a painting exhibition by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban five anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned for more than 11 years in U.S. prisons. The exhibition will be open soon at the Art Gallery of Moa, in the Cuban province of Holguin.

According to Maestro Melaneo Maden, President of the NGO Pro-Naturaleza in Moa, the exhibition includes 45 paintings, of which 43 are 25 x 32 cm, one 29x23 and another 29 x 20 cm.

The exhibition by Tony Guerrero is based on watercolor paintings on cardboard of the national bird of each country on the American continent. According to renowned Cuban ornithologists, the paintings are very authentic.

The graphic exhibition also includes Tony’s words: "A project like this is actually valid if it calls us to unity. That unity called for by José Martí when he said: ‘America must promote all things that get people closer, and must detest all that separates them. In this, as in all human problems, the future is peace.’

Only with the unity of all the peoples of the world, will it be possible to build a better and safer world, where all birds and species, including ours, may have ensured its survival.

This is the second exhibition of its kind set up by Tony. His first exhibition, “Alas de libertad” (Wings of Freedom), which is also expected to be exhibited shortly in the mining region of Moa, depicts Cuba´s endemic birds and macaws of America.

Source: RHC and Cubarte

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