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Colombian popular orchestra Calambuco had it debut in Cuba
The Colombian popular orchestra Calambuco had it debut here in Cuba -- a one-night performance in the framework of the 13th International Fair Cubadisco 2009.

The group’s name ‘Calambuco’ comes from the means of transport used by sugar workers in the Valle del Cauca. For Julián Esteban Chaves, the group’s director, visiting Cuba is an enriching experience. “Cuba is the birthplace of son music, which has inspired the work of such renowned Cuban musicians as Benny Moré, and more recently, Juan Formell, Manolito Simonet and César (Pupy) Pedroso, just to mention a few,” he said.

“We grew up listening to good Cuban son music and we want to take this exceptional experience back with us, hoping that this serves to build a bridge between Cuban and Colombian musicians,” Chavez said.

Calambuco briefly halted the recording of its second CD to perform here in Cuba. “Still untitled, the CD will mark the debut of one of the group’s singers, Pachito Echavarría, as a composer and arranger. It will comprise eleven pieces and we really hope that it is well received, just like our first CD, of which 5 thousand copies have been sold thus far,” he stressed.

Chavez informed that Mauricio Castillo, a member of the famous group Niche is the producer of the new CD at the Kuántica Audiovisual studios.

“We are right now analyzing the possibility of including a Cuban musician as a guest in the CD. We are pretty much interested in traditional Cuban son music,” he said.

Calambuco’s songs deal with everyday life in Colombian neighborhoods. Andrés Felipe Succar is the composer of most of the group’s songs. One of the founding singers, Eigmar Rentería, praised the composition work by maestro Succar, who will have two of his songs included in the new CD ‘Me sorprendo’ and ‘Guajira de un abandonado’.

“Calambuco has found new ways to place their works on the world market. “Our CDs are not protected under the traditional Copyright law. They are protected rather under a Creative Commons license, which reserves just some and not all rights,” said Chaves.

“We have just signed accords with a virtual distributor in Europe. The music industry is changing and we think that we have to adapt quickly to the new changes,” he stressed.


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