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During a forum entitled Revolution and Culture, held in the Romulo Gallegos Latin American Study Center halls, the official expressed his impression on the free granting of more than four million publications, the night before.

It is impossible to make transformations without having changes in culture, in concepts but, at the same time, the past should not be denied, nor the traditions and history, which would lead to a dangerous vacuum, Prieto explained.

During his intervention, Prieto recalled how the Cuban Revolution, from the very beginning, was very interested in raising the cultural level of the people and thet is the reason behind the creation of the Cuban Institute of Art and Film Industry, the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, and the teaching of classical ballet.

It also developed a literacy campaign, published more than five million books and, more recently, developed two educational channels.

Many renowned personalities such as Alicia Alonso and filmmaker Humberto Solas gave master classes in the program University for all, he added.

Thanks to the educational and cultural revolution, Cuba can now offer solidarity and selfless aid to other peoples with its doctors and teachers who work to erase illiteracy.

Today, Cuban culture is massive and strong, with an anti-colonial, anti-imperialist and solidarity vision, and works towards creation and experimentation, far from the dogmas of the world of art.


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