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On the occasion of Africa Day, Fidel Castro Donates Statue of Amílcar Cabral to Guinea
The statue was unveiled at a mass rally at the Osvaldo Vieira International Airport, in the presence of Raimundo Pereira, interim president of that nation; Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Júnior, and Pedro Doña Santana, Cuban ambassador to Guinea Bissau.

Also present at the ceremony were the family of Amílcar Cabral, as well as government officials, leaders of political parties, deputies, veterans, members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of UN agencies and other international organizations in Guinea Bissau.

Speakers thanked Fidel for having donated the statue, as a symbol of the excellent relations Fidel kept with this Guinean leader, friend and brother, reported the website of the Cuban ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Likewise, the Cuban sculptor Lázaro Calvo deserved praise for his work, which represents the eternal friendship between the two peoples. Doña spoke highly of Cabral, as a fighter, intellectual and diplomat, and said that the celebration of Africa Day represents the unconditional solidarity and friendship between Cuba and Guinea Bissau.

He also thanked the government and all those who made possible the dream of placing the statue of this hero where it belongs.


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