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Representative Barbara Lee affirmed that she will push forward proposals that will allow the US to carry out students and academic exchanges with Cuba including in the areas of medicine and biotechnology.

According to Notimex, the President of the Congressional Black Caucus, who headed the US delegation to the island a week before the Summit of the Americas that was held in Trinidad and Tobago, said that she will work on several initiatives between both nations.

"Now that we talks about new markets, Cuba has many manufacturing equipment, we talked about tourism, possibilities that exist in Cuba for the US; the US Chamber of Commerce supports normalizing relations with the island", said Lee.

The "50 years of embargo (blockade) has simply now worked, to normalize diplomatic and commercial relations makes more sense", said the California Representative in an official communiqué regarding the blockade.

The Los Angeles Times published a collage of 22 interactive photographs on issues and places where US tourists could find on the island.

"Travel to Cuba was always for many years a tabu for US citizens, now it can become a reality under the Obama administration", pointed out the web site.

Fuente: Radio Habana Cuba

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