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Obama President of US
President Barack Obama arrives today in Trinidad and Tobago, he will discuss the economy, security and energy and climate change with Latin American leaders during the Fifth Summit of the Americas. This is his first trip to the region since assuming presidential chair.

The summit is a three-day regional meeting among all 34 democratically elected leaders of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

Obama is accompanied by Hillary Clinton at the conference. Ahead of the summit, he penned an op-ed calling on the for "broader partnership to overcome shared challenges" in the region that was published in 11 Latin American and four U.S. newspapers.

In an interview with CNN en Español Obama said, "Other countries have important contributions and insights. We want to listen and learn, as well as talk. That approach, I think, of mutual respect and finding common interests is one that ultimately will serve everybody."

Obama is not scheduled to have a particular meeting with Chavez but that the two leaders are part of a multilateral meeting during the summit.

On Thursday the President with Mexican President Felipe Calderón in Mexico where they discussed the rising illegal drug trade across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The American President earlier this week had also issued a memo lifting restrictions on on Cuban-Americans wishing to travel and send remittances to relatives Cuba. The memo also allows U.S. telecommunications companies to provide services in the communist nation.


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