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New York festival to be dedicated to two Cuban moviemakers
The event will open with the premiere of the Cuban comedy El cuerno de la abundancia (The horn of plenitude) by Juan Carlos Tabío, winner of the Third Choral and Best Script in the last Havana International Festival which achieved a special mention in the Cartagena festival.

The movie stars Jorge Perugorría (Strawberry and Chocolate), who will participate in the question and answer section after the presentation of the comedy.

In the program called El cine urgente de Santiago Álvarez (The urgent cinema of Santiago Alvarez) there will be presented four of his pieces: LBJ (1968), Now (1965), Hanoi martes 13 (1967) and 79 Spring Times (1969).

The organizers of the event highlight in a press communiqué that even after his death Álvarez is still the documentary maker par excellence, according to a dispatch from the Spanish agency EFE.

Solás, who died last September at the age of 66, and is considered one of the most important personalities in Spanish-speaking cinema, will be remembered in the New York festival with Un hombre de éxito (A successful man), which in 1986 was history when it became the first non-English speaking movie in the Oscar Awards and Adela, his last movie shot in 2005.

The work of the Colombian Ospina will also be highlighted with movies such as Más allá de la ficción: un tributo a Luis Ospina (Beyond fiction: a tribute to Luis Ospina), Andrés Caicedo, unos pocos buenos amigos (Andrés Caicedo, a few good friends), Agarrando pueblo (Taking people) and La desazón suprema, retrato incesante de Fernando Vallejo (The supreme uneasiness, an interesting portrait of Fernando Vallejo).


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