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Carreño, who is now back in Caracas after 26 years, is a guest master at the World Ballet Fiesta being held until Sunday at the Teresa Carreño Theater.

Carreño fist travelled to Venezuela in 1983 with the Cuban ballet company. He has also been a guest artist with the International Ballet of Caracas.

Carreño said that back then, the Venezuelan company had many foreign dancers, unlike today that most dancers are Venezuelans, so the company has a good future.

He said that the Teresa Carreño Company is young and beautiful, and its performance in this World Ballet Fiesta has been a marvellous one.

He said the company must focus on its youth reserve, its Achilles heel.

Carreño said that male dancers are hard to find and are somehow neglected in Latin America, because of prevailing male chauvinism.

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