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The monument dedicated to the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam is almost ready
Made by the sculptor from Santiago de Cuba, Alberto Lescay, the president of that institution that promotes Monumental and Applied Arts, the work represents the image of a bronze bird, seven meters high, a reiterative image in Lam’s creation.

It is a very complex piece in its structure, made up by 52 pieces and had engineer Fernando Yero as its artistic producer and it included the decisive work of the melting brigade from the San Luis workshop in order to make it.

The monument is accompanied by a plaque that recognizes the contribution of 63 Cuban artists of contemporary plastic arts to make this project a reality.

The idea, which was welcomed by the sculptor Alberto Lescay, surged in memory of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the painter. Lescay donated his authors’ rights for that tribute.

Lam is considered to be one of the most original examples of surrealism in Latin America and the creator of a new pictorial language that fuses together Afro-Cuban cultural heritage with the latest European avant-gardes.

Educated in famous schools from all over the world, he has a universal legacy since his work are to be found in the main museums from Europe and America and among them stand out The Jungle, Malembo, Presente eterno, Arpas cardinales, Luz de arcilla, Rumor de tierra and The chair.


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