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Miyajima told Granma that the work he will be presenting as part of the Punto de Encuentro (Meeting Point) exhibition (Saint Francis of Assisi Convent) was done in the year 2000 and he chose it for this occasion because it is a severe critic to imperialism and colonialism. He remembered that when Kcho participated in the Kyoto Summit, Japan 2005, he said that he was interested in making a meeting in Cuba with artists from different countries and now this exhibition is an equivalent to that meeting, since in his list there are important creators from different countries.

The visitor was interested in the existence of art schools in Cuba, the ISA and in general for the possibilities of the young Cubans to access our system of artistic teaching.

He also asked Kcho which were the characteristics of the piece to be presented and Kcho answered him that it would be about History, but in truth the most important thing would be to unite artists who could question the serious problems of our time from a humanistic perspective. The professor was received in Havana by Rubén del Valle Lantarón, president of the National Plastic Arts Council.

Among the most famous actions done by Miyajima is the distribution all over the world of peace trees, from the seeds of a tree that survived the nuclear horror that was launched by the Americans on Nagasaki.

Punto de Encuentro will be made up by pieces from Tatsuo Miyajima, Peter Nadin (USA-GB), Jane Alexander (South Africa), Shirin Nesha (Iran), Patricia Gerber (Brazil), Patrick Tuttofuoco (Italy), Flaminio Jallagens (Brazil), Cai Guo-Qiang (China), Shoja Azari (Iran- USA), AES + F (Russia), Mariana Bunimov (Venezuela) and the Cubans Edgar Echevarría, Luis Gómez, Yoan Capote, Tomás Sánchez and Kcho himself.


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