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Children from Cuba Canada and the United States draw on the environment
The paintings exhibited formerly in Canadian territory and in Santiago de Cuba will have its next stop in the Brooklyn district from New York the biggest American city.

The exhibition called “Little Planet”, brings together sixty creations from authors from a pre-school level, in response to an announcement to highlight the advantages of the protection of the environmental context and the catastrophic risks related to its deterioration.

Colors, crayons and collages depicted that reality in the paintings and is defended by children such as Brianna and Maya (USA), Kaileen and Natalia (Canada) and Gabriela and Leda (Cuba).

The exhibition is found in an entity opened in 2008 in an old mansion from the 18th century in the area of the historical center declared World Cultural Heritage.

The institution is the seat of visual art exhibitions and other cultural expression and is directed by the painter Orestes Larios Zaak, whose main theme is the environment.


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