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Cubas image to invade the Underground from the Federal District
Images of Ernesto Che Guevara: fotos y poemas (Ernesto Che Guevara: photos and poems); Humor a Capella, by the graphic artist Ángel Boligán; gráfico Cuba, otra mirada (Cuba, another look) by the Mexican photo artist Virro Borja; Letras y arte de Cuba (Letters and Art from Cuba) in charge of Presencia Latinoamericana S.A., a small exhibition of the literary, musical, plastic art, movie and handcraft wealth that characterizes current Cuban culture and the tourist exhibition Viva Cuba were opened to the public with an opening act, celebrated in the Auditorio station. In this act spoke the Cuban Ambassador, Manuel Aguilera de la Paz and the Engineer Francisco Bohórquez, general director of the System of Collective Transport Metro from the Federal District. They both refered to the historic, familiar and cultural links between the two countries, they recolled the presence of Martí, Fidel and Che in Mexican land and highlighted the achievements of the Revolution over these fifty years.

The exhibitors, employees from the diplomatic mission, Cubans living in Mexico, representatives from the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and workers as well as users of the underground assisted to the opening.


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