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A new book on Tania la Guerrillera to be presented in Cienfuegos Cuba
The text by the journalist and researcher Onelia Chaveco, from the National Information Agency, collects testimonies and documents that demonstrate the presence of the fighter in this city during the Phantom Operation, in which she received training as an undercover agent.

The author of Tania la Guerrillera, clandestina en Cienfuegos (Tania la Guerrillera, undercover in Cienfuegos) told AIN that the text brings together interviews to several people from the region who took part in her preparation, even though at the time, many of them were unaware of the important woman.

She explained that the 85 pages long publication contributed to the knowledge of the history of the revolution and recognizes the work of the people in their support to the fighters.

She added that this one, her first work, is also a tribute to visit Tania made to the province 45 years ago, something which is to be celebrated on February 21.

The volume, belonging to the Ideas collection, from the Editorial Mecenas, includes photos of the people interviewed, letters, documents and copies of the briefs transmitted by radio or written by Tamara Bunke herself.

Together with this text, the oldest editorial house from Cienfuegos will also take to the Cuban literature festival more than 20 unpublished books, by writers from the region.


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