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In Cuba Festival of knowledge soon to start
The coming one, in 2009, will offer more than a thousand new volumes that make up a total of six million copies, without a doubt and in accordance with those numbers; it will be an event worth remembering.

This 18th edition will have Chile as its Guest of honor country and it will be dedicated to the literary people Fina García Marruz and Jorge Ibarra and to the 50th anniversary of the Casa de las Américas.

Since mid-February people will be able to get texts from contemporary Chilean authors such as the much recognized Literature Nobel Prizes Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda.

In this same way, the Editorial Fund from the Casa de las Américas is preparing more than ten collections that are to treasure the work of the best known Latin American and Caribbean writers.

Among other books, there should be published: Antología de Poesía Chilena (Anthology of Chilean Poetry); Antología de Teatro Chileno (Anthology of Chilean Theater); Décimas, by Violeta Parra; El evangelio americano, by Francisco Bilbao; Evocación, by Aleida March, Naciste pintada, by Carmen Berenguer; Nocturno de Bujara by Sergio Pitol and Poesía de Gabriela Mistral by the famous author.

Even though this eighteenth edition reaches us with some adjustments in the number of sub-venues, as a consequence of the great damages provoked by the passing of the hurricanes, the national character of the event shall be maintained, so books as well as writers shall reach the capital municipalities of every province.

Meanwhile, the bookstores of the 47 municipalities that were affected the most by the hurricanes will receive the main editorial novelties and will hold mini-festivals.

An already rehearsed itinerary is guaranteed to bring the much awaited cultural festival to every reader in this Caribbean island.

So, starting on February 5, there shall be more than 350 titles sold on 46 bookstores in Havana, a week later, on the tenth, the Cuba Pavilion and the Agropecuaria Fair from Rancho Boyeros, two important places in the Cuban capital, shall open its doors. From the 12 until the 22, ot will be hold in the Morro-Cabaña complex.

In the west of the country, from Pinar del Río to Sancti Spiritus, including the Isle of Youth, the 18th Festival will be hold from February 26 until March 1.

And from April 2 to 27 there will take place the Book festival on the Mountains, in the nine provinces from Turquino Plan.

(Radio Musical Nacional)

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