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Cuban Ceramicist Recognized in the Dominican Republic
The Cuban ceramicist received the recognition from Thimo Pimentel, President of the Igneri Foundation, an arts and archeological institution, which proposed the award, reported Granma newspaper.

The Foundation highlighted Fuster's work dual nature that goes from its artistic values to its functional characteristics, something that is highly appreciated by the public.

Speaking about his sources of inspiration at the ceremony, Fuster said he is inspired by "life, love for nature, and by altruistic and just expressions," and noted that the natural elements in his work "talk about his country and the Caribbean in general."

Victoria Soñe, who along with Pimentel is working to boost the ceramic arts in the Dominican Republic, said the Igneri Foundation is organizing a special workshop that will take place in Jaimanitas, where Fuster has developed his creative ceramics project.

During his current visit to the Dominican Republic, the Cuban artist gave a lecture in which among other issues he referred to the use of ferro-concrete in art work, and mentioned as an example his Olimpo de los Héroes (Olympus to the Heroes), a monument to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters who have been unfairly imprisoned in the US for more than ten years.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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