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Cuban Films Shown in Argentina to Mark Anniversary of Revolution
The exhibition opened with the screening of documentaries Por primera vez (For the First Time) and Hombres sobre cubierta (image) (Men on Deck), reported Prensa Latina news agency.

During the festival that will run until January 28, fifteen full-feature films and nine documentaries produced by the Cuban Arts and Film Industry (ICAIC) will be shown.

ICAIC´s President Omar Gonzalez thanked the Argentinean National Audiovisual Arts and Film Institute (INCAA) for organizing the Cuban film festival, which is the largest exhibit of Cuban films in the country, and through which Argentineans will be able to learn about Cuba.

Aramís Fuente, Cuban ambassador in Buenos Aires, said the audience will be able to go through the past 50 years of struggle, work and resistance of the Cuban people.

INCAA´s President Liliana Mazure announced that Cuban films will be screened in 23 provinces of the country and noted that the island is a model of dignity for the Argentinean people.


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