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 Nicaragua Awards Cuban Ambassador
The ceremony took place during an event of the Solidarity with Cuba Committee of the Ministry of Education to pay homage to the 50th Anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the 30th commemoration of the Sandinista Revolution.

In his acceptance speech, De Castillo pointed out that Cubans taught Nicaraguans what the word solidarity means even before the revolution.

Referring to the Literacy Campaign in progress with Cuban collaboration it is properly called "from Marti to Fidel," a name given by President Daniel Ortega in pay homage to Cuba.

He emphasized the commitment of the Nicaraguans to declare their nation free of illiteracy on July 19 as a gift, he said, that we are giving to Comandante Fidel Castro. For her part, Marilene Valdivia, general secretary of the Ministry of Education, pointed out the contribution of teachers in the recovery of Cuba that demonstrates the value of solidarity as an expression affection of the peoples.

In the meantime, Ambassador Hernandez Ojeda expressed appreciation for the recognition on behalf of the Cuban people and the willingness to continue supporting the literacy crusade and its continuity.


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