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Important Healthcare Work Carried out in Cienfuegos Cuba
Several facilities of the health care system in this Cuban city, among them the Heroes of Playa Giron Specialized Hospital, received a special boost with the greeting to the half of a century of revolution and the entry into the town of the Caravan of Freedom.

Jose Ramon Balaguer, member of the Political Bureau of the PCC and minister of Public Health in Cuba, learned details about the Specialized Hospital, which has a capacity for an annual minimum of 10,000 major surgeries using advanced technology.

In addition to a surgical unit, the new health facility, which is attached to the Gustavo Lima Aldereguía Provincial Hospital, has haemodialysis, chemotherapy and rehabilitation services.

Dr. Pedro Ordúñez noted that the hospital hopes to lower the burden borne by the Gustavo Lima Aldereguía Hospital, particularly those related to the surgery and related consultations.

The Heroes of Playa Girón Surgical Unit has nine operating rooms, a pre-operation area, space for medium term recovery, as well as other consultation rooms.

The haemodialysis unit has capacity for 31 positions, with its own cubicles for the reuse of dialysers. The same place also has a small operating room for more invasive procedures.

The Rehabilitation Unit has 23 rooms, including two singles, 20 doubles and a triple, for a total capacity of 45 beds. All rooms have private bathrooms and are suitable for people with disabilities.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Party also inaugurated the Caunao Polyclinic, a costly facility joins into the network of about 25 of this kind in the province. Likewise, Balaguer visited reconstructed rooms of the paediatric and provincial hospitals.

Gustavo Aldereguía Provincial Hospital, one of five health centers in the country to which the 50 Years of the Revolution Flag was given, received this distinction from Balaguer and Maria del Carmen Rodriguez, the general secretary of the National Union of Healthcare Workers. Roberto Morales Ojeda, a member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee Party, noted the care and scientific progress made by this institution, which was declared a Moral Collective and inaugurated by Fidel Castro in March 1979.

Balaguer and Morales visited these sites accompanied by Jose Ramon Monteagudo, the first secretary of the party in the province; and Rolando Gonzalez Diaz, president of the Government, among other leaders.

(Juventud Rebelde)


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